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News with Network Rail: Amey’s Carillion is the Best Option for the Sector

The Carillion rail contracts to Amey looks to be the best option for the railway industry. It is said that this is going to be the best outcome and that it would help to ensure a positive outcome for the supply chain. Matthew Steele from the Network Rail commercial has stated that it is in the best interests of everyone to take over the multi-million deal that came from Carillion's collapse.

Mr. Steele then went on to say that Amey was in fact the best offer and that in order to ensure the continuity of the project. The option was to try and secure jobs and the skills that came with them. This is done on the basis that things would move forward with Amey in the future. Those who work in construction or those who have an interest in construction jobs will know that this is huge, and that this could have a serious impact on things as we know it. The deal was agreed that Carillion managers would see Amey take on every contract other than two. This would in fact include the North West electrification packages and even the Midland Mainline Civils as well. This would also include the upgrade contract and this is very exciting news given the fact that the West Old Oak Common and even the Paddington project is fast approaching.

Mr. Steele has stated that Network Rail have the strictest policies when it comes to the finances that Amey has and that they are confident that they are in a good place financially to be able to support this move. The last couple of weeks have been used to facilitate this move and this was also done to make sure that everyone was happy with Amey and what it has to offer.


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