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CN Has Toured British Land for a £4bn Project

British Land is pumping around £4bn into transforming Canada Water. They have around 5 million square feet of new developments in the pipeline and Roger Madelin has taken CN around the site to try and catch the eye of the heavyweights that are in the industry. 200 years ago, the Canada Dock was pulsating with economic activity and ever since then it has become an integral part of the community.

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Advanced Electric Machines Have Now Developed the World’s Most Sustainable Motor

A new motor design really has eliminated the need to have expensive and very rare magnets. This means that the whole thing is much more recyclable and the best of it is, it has been developed in the UK. Those who work in mechanical engineer jobs will find this incredibly interesting. This motor technology is being presented by the company this week and it is being done in Japan. They also have the support of the Advanced Propulsion Centre and this is designed to work well in hybrid, electric vehicles and more.

When you look at conventional traction motors, you will soon see that they are based on rare magnets and this makes them very expensive. You need to remove these magnets before you go on to recycle them but there are also concerns as to the availability of the supply as well. If you are starting to consider electric vehicles then it makes sense for companies to try and eliminate this problem so that the cars themselves can be made in much larger volumes.

There are also drawbacks to using these magnets as well, and one example is that the temperature is a problem. When the temperature reaches around 150 degrees for example, the magnet can demagnetise and in hybrid vehicles, this can be a problem considering the fact that the engine can easily reach 100 degrees.

If you are able to eliminate the need for a new magnet then you can easily integrate it with the internal combustion engine and this helps to share the coolant. The powertrain for the vehicle is then simplified and the technology has also been switched on a reluctant motor as well. This is a motor where the power is split into windings in the stator rather than in the rotor but the device has a completely different consideration.

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Advanced Imaging and 3D Printing is Being Used in Intervention Implants

Those who work in architectural engineer jobs will understand more than anyone how important advanced imaging can be. Implants that are made using 3D imaging really are making progress and they can even be used to fix a huge range of problems that can occur in both the bones and the joints. This all happens before it becomes
too serious.

The Medical Device Prototype unit has been established at a college in London and they have currently got well over £1.7m in funding. This comes from the EPSRC and it is going to use additive manufacturing and even advanced imaging techniques to try and fund the EPRSC. They are going to print parts that have detail on a nanoscale level in an attempt to try and find out how they are able to react with the human body. The human musculoskeletal system has not caught up with improvements in terms of the life expectancy and this has been the case for well over 150 years. This ultimately means that bone and even joint disorders really are one of the biggest expenses that are coming from the NHS.

The current generation of orthopaedic implants really are great but they are only suitable for treating the end stage of the disease. On top of this, they are very invasive as they ultimately mean that you have to take out the entire joint. Surgeons need something that they can use to treat younger patients and this is designed to stop the disease from progressing in the first place. It is also helpful as it stops the issue from getting worse to the point where it needs to be a full-scale operation as well and if this is able to progress to where it can be used in an operational standpoint then this is good news for the healthcare jobs industry.

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By Investing in NMR Equipment, Material and Molecular Insights Could Be Improved

A 20m investment in NMR equipment could really give scientists who work in Britain a huge level of understanding as to how materials and molecular structures work. Those who work in automation engineer jobs know more than anyone how important this is, so it's great to see that it is being tackled on a much higher level.

There have been global efforts to try and map out how human genes and even how other creatures have advanced from the building blocks of organisms but unfortunately none of us have any knowledge as to how the millions of cells and even macromolecules are able to interact. Scientists are a good way from being able to understand how life itself works.

There have been plenty of efforts made to try and understand how all of these components are able to come together to try and create the molecular machine that is able to maintain all of these functions, and that is why the researchers who work at Oxford are now working to try and establish a project that will upgrade the spectroscopy system. The upgrade is going to be part of a £20m investment and it is going to be very high end as well. NMR spectroscopy is going to help determine the molecular structure of a huge range of materials and this includes the biological components in a solution. It is this technique that is able to offer a very detailed view of the components when they are put under a huge range of conditions and this is very similar to how they happen to occur when they are in the living cell. By understanding this information, we can then begin to understand how life itself works and this is a huge advancement in the field of science and molecular biology.

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It’s Not Rocket Science- Here’s How You Hire the Right Data Scientist

Data scientists have the country's number one job at the moment and if you look at engineering jobs or even data scientist jobs you will soon see that they are in very high demand. Everyone wants to hire one but the chances of you stumbling across one that is a perfect need for your company is very slim. The main thing that you have to know about data science is that it draws from a ton of different fields and this includes machine learning, analytics, data mining and more.

Of course, the competition is fierce as well and not many people know how to hire someone they need. The truth is that you need to know what requirements your company has and you also need to know where to look. Data scientists have super strong backgrounds when it comes to things such as statistics, analytics and even databases in general. If you run a retail business for example then you may want to have a time-series analysis as they can help you to understand the trends that you have and they can also understand the patterns in your sales as well. When you look at the technology side of things however then you may want someone who is able to understand the tools that you use and this can include Python or even Spark.

So hiring the right data scientist is not rocket science and you would be surprised at how easy it is for you to really get a better result out of your company by just taking the time to understand what your needs are. If you want to find out more then simply look into data scientist jobs today to find out more. It's never been easier.

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There Is Still Over £300M of Procurement at London City Airport

If you work in design engineer jobs or even in engineering jobs then you will understand how important it is to keep on top of everything. The London City Airport chief has stated that there is over £300M worth of work to be done as a result of their new extension program. He has stated that the work includes the construction of the car park building and even mechanical work as well. There is also a lot of mechanical work to be done and fit-outs for all of the fixtures. The airport is undergoing a huge £480M expansion and they are also going to be constructing a new terminal building as well. This is going to have three times the capacity of the terminal that is there at the moment and it is going to have a new taxi runway as well. This is going to be built into the area and the work that they have been doing has really involved a lot of cleaning and enabling work as well.

He's stated that they have just started to feel the impact of the build and that they have also tried to create a solid framework as well. They want to allow more land to be released so they can cater for the additional capacity of the airport. They also want to replace the control tower with digital technology so that the whole thing can be made way more efficient. This gives them the chance to control any aircraft from a facility in the area of Southampton.

This is really great to hear and it's incredible to think about how much things have changed over the years. This new technology will really give people chance to excel and do their job better on a daily basis.

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There Has Been a £30M York Development Plan Launched

A masterplan has been created for York and the new proposal includes a plan for a brand-new bridge and even a riverside pedestrian walkway as well. There are also going to be a ton of road improvements done in an attempt to really step things to that next level. This is intended to transform the complete area around Clifford's Tower and the work that they have done also includes a brand-new junction as well. This is south of Piccadilly and this is one of the main roads into the area.

There are also going to be some new flats put next to the Foss Basin and these are going to be built on the flood wall. The riverside walkway would ultimately mean that more pedestrians have a route directly through the city centre and it would also provide a cycling route as well. There is also going to be a multi-storey car park that comes complete with a roof based viewing platform. The idea is that there is going to be a coach park for the St. George's Field as well however this has only been proposed.

This is interesting if you work in engineering jobs or even bid coordinator jobs as well. The masterplan is due to be considered by the council on Thursday and they are also going to identify any upcoming changes to the whole thing. This even includes the transportation network and this is going to try and reduce the width of the roads and it is also going to stop any further problems from arising as well. These new plans are going to really change the area and they are also going to give the people who live there a much better quality of life as well.

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Green Energy Comes Ahead as The UK Stops All Coal Burning Activities

Renewable energy just got another boost because the entire UK just went two days without burning any coal. Experts have warned however that there could be roadblocks that stop wind and solar power and that the focus now needs to shift to renewable energy in its entirety. Britain has gone well over 55 hours without using coal in their power plants and this is the first time that this has happened since 1882.

Energy experts have stated that even though decarbonisation is increasing, more needs to be done to try and encourage brand new forms of renewable energy to come through. This is especially interesting if you work in engineering jobs or civil engineer jobs. The truth is that running for two days without any coal is only the start of the whole thing. Records are set to become way more frequent as the UK looks to broaden its own energy sector and all of this is looking very positive towards the future.

At the same time however, coal is hitting record lows and there are new highs for renewable outputs. This has completely dented the theory that a new capacity is needed as carbon becomes a thing of the past. He also went on to say that the cost of renewable energy is falling even more by the year and this can only mean great things for the businesses in the UK that want to go green.

Of course, only time will tell whether or not this is going to make a difference for the future but it is clear that everything is being done to try and lower the UK's total carbon usage. Two days without coal is a huge achievement and it is certainly going to make all the difference to the UK's pollution levels.

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Hereford University is Trying to Boost the Amount of Female Engineers They Have

The Hereford University is trying to expand the amount of female engineers they have. This is especially interesting if you work in engineering jobs or even in civil engineer jobs. Elena Rodriguez-Falcon has stated that she is going to try and raise the amount of female engineers that are from the UK. At the moment, the numbers are only at 11% and this applies to the full national workforce. In an attempt to boost the figure, she has stated that she will be taking students who have an A level in math and even physics as well to try and convert those who study art to engineering. The university is going to open in the year 2020 and a lot of people believe that there are not enough women who study both math and physics. If they do then they go on to choose degrees in other subjects. This is because of the way that people see the profession.

She believes that by removing these entry requirements, she can then try and boost the amount of UK women that are part of the engineering industry. She also believes that she can tailor the course to meet the needs of the people who are applying and this is certainly great to see. Of course, there is no telling whether or not this will make a difference but it is fantastic to see that people are making the effort to get more women into the industry.

After all, the engineering industry is certainly dominated by men so having more women will certainly help to balance things out and it will also help to provide more opportunity to those who want to get into the industry for the very first time as well.

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The Microsoft Team and MediaTek Team are on IoT SoC

It is a known fact that MediaTek is working with the company Microsoft to try and deliver the very first Azure Sphere chip. This is known as being the MT3620 and the partners are all expected to drive the innovation by having a stellar level of security and even connectivity as well. Azure are known for having highly secured and even connected MCU powered devices. They do this at a price and the companies who invest will expect to have an enterprise-class level of security with it. Those who work in engineering jobs will find this especially interesting. MediaTek and even Microsoft have worked with one another for quite some time and they have tried to develop a specialised chipset so that they can use a WiFi connected controller around a processor. This is then designed to run Azure Sphere's IoT system. This also comes with Microsoft's own latest security protocols. The chipset will be sold as part of the solution package and it gives customers the chance to connect all of their MCU products with the security and even the protection that comes with Microsoft.

The partners really do expect a significant drop in terms of the connectivity cost and this will make room for billions of MCU devices. This will include household appliances and even health monitors as well. The problem with this is that each connection is really vulnerable to attacks and the IoT will never become a mass market while things like this are still happening.

It's important to know that right now, MediaTek are sampling chips and that this is expected to ramp up production by the third quarter. Only time will tell if this happens but it is safe to say that there has been a lot of progress made so far.

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